If you’ve navigated here, you were likely given the link during one of my classes or followed a link from one of my friends who have generously linked me to their site. Going forward I’ll use this space to post details and pictures from my classes, dates of upcoming classes and, hopefully, stimulate discussion that will encourage you to continue training and offer me some information that will refine classes.
I will also be posting some armorers tips and tricks, product reviews and anything else I think might benefit Academy students.
Enjoy the space and feel free to post comments or suggestions for classes you may have taken, questions about those that are upcoming, or suggestions for classes you might like to see in your area.

Make sure you sign up to follow the blog (look to the right) this way you’ll be notified by email of any new posts.

Hope to see you at a class very soon.


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It’s been 11 years, hard to imagine. We can’t allow any passage of time, no matter how long to dull our memory of how we felt that day.

God Bless America

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Concealed Carry, Colts Neck NJ, 10/16/2012

I’ll be conducting a one day “Concealed Carry Operator” at the Colts Neck NJ Police Department range on October 16th. 2012.
This one is already full, but if you’d like to host something similar contact our Training Coordinator, Kathleen Randolph at 603-418-8181

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Classic Pistol Armorer, Sept. 5/6, 2012, Farrell Pennsylvania

I’ll be at the Southwest Mercer County Regional Police Department in Farrell Pennsylvania on September 5th and 6th. conducting a Classic Pistol Armorer School.

There are a few spots left, if you’re interested contact our Training Coordinator, Kathleen Randolph at 603-418-8181

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M.L.E.F.I.A.A. 9/25-27,2012

Once again I’ll be teaching at the annual training conference of the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and Armorers Association. 

I’ll be conducting a “Shooting on the Move” class on 9/26/2012

The MLEFIAA conference is an outstanding value in firearms training, I’ve attended many times and am always impressed by the quality of training and the professional manner in which these guys run their conference.

For more information check out the website at http://www.mlefiaa.org

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E2 Upper Armorer Maintainance

I’ve had several requests from armorers who haven’t had the opportunity to take a recent class for a little instruction on the new E2 uppers.

Classes that have worked on them are quickly realizing that they are pretty simple, but the changes definitely illustrate why it’s important to re-certify every three years. Current classes are working on E2 and Legacy uppers as well as DAK and DA/SA E2 lowers.

If you need to re-certify, contact our Training Coordinator, Kathleen Randolph at 603-418-8181, she’ll hook you up.

Ok, so the first thing everyone notices is that the slide looks different. You have a much longer extractor with no plunger and a roll pin that runs top to bottom.

To remove the roll pin that is retaining the extractor you’ll need a half round punch. You can’t see it in this less than optimal photo, but… only half the roll pin is visible at the bottom of the slide. This to eliminate the possibility of that pin walking down and tying up the pistol.

You’ll drive that pin out, bottom to top thru the hole in your armorers block.

With the roll pin removed, the extractor will drop out. What we have in front of us is (L) the extractor springs, there are two, one inside the other. (R) is the firing pin positioning pin. You may be able to tell from this photo that only half of the positioning pin is visible, again to keep it from walking to the right and tying up the extractor. You’ll drive it out right to left, once it’s out the firing pin assembly is removed as on the legacy slides. When driving out the positioning pin, take care not to allow your punch to go too deep and damage the extractor cut in the slide.

Once the firing pin assembly has been reinstalled and the positioning pin inserted, drop the extractor springs back in place, put the extractor into the extractor groove and take up the extractor sprain tension with your finger.
Start the roll pin in until it retains the extractor.

Using a roll pin punch continue the pin until it is flush.

Remember both the firing pin positioning pin and the extractor pin are sacrificial parts, they must be replaced when removed.

As always any questions or issues, shoot me an email.

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Classic Pistol Armorer, July 26/27 2012, Orlando FL

This one’s in the can!
Big thanks to Lt. Paul Fleming and his staff, great hosts all around. The VA PD have the distinction of providing the nicest armorers blocks I’ve ever seen. We always ask our hosts to provide a 6″ piece of 2×4 with a 1.5 hole drilled in the middle.
Piece of cake, right?
The Lt’s staff glued two pieces of hardwood together, drilled the hole in the center, beveled all the edges and sanded the whole thing. It’s the first class I’ve ever taken where all the students took their blocks home.
Good job guys!


I’ll be at the Corporate Orlando VA Medical Center doing a two day classic pistol armorers course July 26/27. The local host is Lt.Paul Fleming Paul.fleming2@va.gov.

To register contact the academy traing coordinator Kathleen Randolph at 603-418-8181

Orlando classes always fill up fast and this one is getting close, I wouldn’t wait.

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1 Day DAK Armorer, AFTE Conference, Buffalo NY 6/26/2012

A big thanks to AFTE for including SIG at their conference. They were great hosts and it was certainly interesting running a group of scientists thru an armorers class!

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